Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung (BfR)


The table below shows which Magnaflux products are registered under the Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung (BfR) scheme. Our BfR manufacturer number is 11199.

Product BfR number
AUTOGLO® AL-4B 5164243
AUTOGLO® ZL-19H 5164245
Activated Carbon N/A - non-hazardous
MAGNAFLUX® WA-1 6143815
MAGNAFLUX® WA-2 N/A - non-hazardous
MAGNAGLO® 14A N/A - non-hazardous
MAGNAGLO® 14HF - aerosol 5164253
MAGNAGLO® 14HF 5164277
MAGNAGLO® 410HF - aerosol 5164290
MAGNAGLO® MG 610 N/A - non-hazardous
MAGNAGLO® MG/MX Carrier II Oil 5164265
MAGNAGLO® WB-12 6143811
MAGNAVIS® 1 Grey N/A - non-hazardous
MAGNAVIS® 7HF - aerosol 5606885
MAGNAVIS® 7HF 5606886
MAGNAVIS® 8A Red N/A - non-hazardous
MAGNAVIS® WB-27 6143812
MAGNAVIS® WCP-2 - aerosol 5164246
MAGNAVIS® WCP-2 5164282
SPOTCHECK® SKC-S - aerosol 5164260
SPOTCHECK® SKD-S2 - aerosol 5164244
SPOTCHECK® SKL-SP2 - aerosol 5169235
SPOTCHECK® SKL-WP2 - aerosol 5164266
TIEDE® 690.1 5164259
TIEDE® MF-655 WB (MAGNAGLO® WB-655) 6143814
ZYGLO® ZL-2C 5164263
ZYGLO® ZL-15B 5164255
ZYGLO® ZL-19 5164276
ZYGLO® ZL-27A - aerosol 5164278
ZYGLO® ZL-27A 5164252
ZYGLO® ZL-37 5164249
ZYGLO® ZL-56 5164275
ZYGLO® ZL-60C - aerosol 5164279
ZYGLO® ZL-60C 5164264
ZYGLO® ZL-60D 5164247
ZYGLO® ZL-67B 6143816
ZYGLO® ZP-4B N/A - non-hazardous
ZYGLO® ZP-5B 5164288
ZYGLO® ZP-9F - aerosol 5164270
ZYGLO® ZP-14A 5164261
ZYGLO® ZR-10C 5164250

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