Industrial Cleaners for Non-destructive Testing

Using the right cleaner before, during and after your non-destructive testing process is critical to reliable, consistent test results. Make sure you are using a cleaner specially designed for use with liquid penetrant testing or magnetic particle inspection.

Magnaflux offers a line of NDT cleaners which are water-based, biodegradable, safe for use on a wide range of metal and non-metal surfaces and particularly effective at removing penetrant, developer, mag particles, cutting oils, metalworking coolants, mill markings, and rust inhibitors.

Read more below about Magnaflux cleaners for immersion, ultrasonic, spray and steam cleaning applications.


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Learn More About NDT Aqueous Cleaners

5-Point Guide to Understanding Aqueous NDT Cleaning

A real-life approach to understanding industrial aqueous cleaning before and after nondestructive testing


How to Troubleshoot & Resolve NDT Cleaning Problems

5 steps to identify and solve a NDT aqueous cleaning issue, and a troubleshooting guide with common problems + solutions


6 Factors to Get the Best Aqueous Cleaning Results

In this article, we will go over the six key factors to a successful cleaning process and give you some Pros & Cons to consider for each


What You Need to Start-up In-house Testing [Checklist]

What You Need to Start-up In-house Testing [Checklist]

Step-by-step process listing everything from the equipment needed in magnetic particle testing and liquid penetrant testing to preparation for NDT audits


Understanding the Magnaflux Shelf Life Statement for NDT Chemicals

Understanding the Magnaflux Shelf Life Statement for NDT Chemicals

Answering popular questions regarding shelf life for magnetic particle and liquid penetrant products used in nondestructive testing


Success with the Right Precleaning

Prepare for Penetrant Testing Success with the Right Precleaning

Learn why proper precleaning before liquid penetrant inspections can make or break your nondestructive testing results


Understanding Safety Data Sheets

Understanding Safety Data Sheets: Do You Know What’s in the Chemicals You Handle?

We highlight the 5 major sections to understand on a Safety Data Sheets (SDS) in accordance with US OHSHA Hazcom 2012 GHS regulations


Magnaflux Magnetic Particle 14A


Check out the NDT Cleaner Concentration Calculator

to figure out how much water and cleaner you need to start up a new cleaning bath, or refresh your existing bath.

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