Dry Powder Developer

ZP-4D is a noncombustible, dry powder, Form a developer that is ideal for highly sensitive fluorescent penetrant processes. ZP-4D is applied to oven-dried parts following the use of penetrants and forms a thin film on parts that enhances the visibility of ultra-fine discontinuities.

ZP-4D is listed on the QPL SAE AMS 2644 Qualified Product List and is approved for use by Pratt & Whitney.

  • Even, thin developer coverage
  • Enhances visibility of ultra-fine discontinuities
  • Non-combustible powder

Ordering Information

5 Kg055C084

Product Properties

NDT TypeFluorescent Penetrant Testing

Penetrant TypeType 1

Developer FormForm a


Ideal ApplicationCracks, Forgings, Porosity, Seams, Welds

Defect ExamplesCastings, Critical components, Turbine components


StandardsAECL, AMS 2644, AMS 2647, ASME BPVC, ASTM E1417, ASTM E165/E165M-18, Boeing BAC 5423 PSD 6-46 or 8-4, Boeing PS-21202, GE P3TF2, Honeywell EMS 52309, ISO 3452-2, MIL-STD-2132, MIL-STD-271, Pratt & Whitney PMC 4356, QPL SAE AMS 2644, Rolls Royce RRP 58003 (CSS 232), SAFRAN Pr 5000/In 5000

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