NDT for the Manufacturing Sector

Within the manufacturing sector, NDT inspection is commonly used for to inspect materials, components, fabrications and assemblies for surface or near-surface defects.

Both liquid penetrant and magnetic particle inspection can be effectively used in all elements of production, from the inspection of raw materials, such as steel ingots, right through to the verification of welds. In addition, liquid penetrant inspection can be used for leak testing for boilers, pressure vessels and heat exchanger plates.

Following manufacture and assembly, in-service inspections are used to ensure that the products in use continue to demonstrate the necessary integrity to ensure both their ongoing functional performance and safety to downstream users.

Within the manufacturing sector, carrying out liquid penetrant or magnetic particle inspection:

  • ensures product integrity and reliability.
  • controls manufacturing processes.
  • lowers production costs.
  • maintains consistent quality.


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Liquid Penetrant Testing

Liquid Penetrant Testing

Penetrant inspection products for fluorescent or dye penetrant testing


Magnaflux Magnetic Particle Testing

Magnetic Particle Inspection

Mag particle testing products for fluorescent or non-fluorescent magnetic particle inspection



UV Lamps

LED UV lamps and black lights for non-destructive testing



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