D-2060 CE

Magnetic test bench

The D-2060 CE is one of our most powerful wet magnetic benches, providing 6,000 amps RMS of 3-phase Full Wave Direct Current and an optional 6,000 amps RMS of Alternating Current. This magnetic particle inspection equipment offers magnetisation to find surface and subsurface defects with clearer indications while using minimal power.

The two outputs are independently adjustable to set each magnetic field, circular or longitudinal, at distinct levels.

Faster, consistent inspections
Operators can inspect parts more quickly and comply with industry standards with anautomatic double mag shot, adjustable mag shot timer, and machine repeatability.

  • Reduce processing time with operator-enabled automatic double-mag shot and adjustable mag shot time accessible through a user-friendly operator interface.
  • Process more parts with up to 300+ shots per hour at 5% duty cycle of 0.5 seconds on, 10 seconds off at the maximum output.

Streamline sourcing, service, and maintenance
Simplify your quality procedures with integrated solutions from Magnaflux. Take the guesswork out of product selection with chemicals, equipment, UV lamps, and accessories that comply with industry specifications

Durability and support through a global network
Confidence that the equipment will survive your demanding environment, backed by an industry leading warranty, supported by a global network.

  • Support your worldwide operations by specifying, acquiring and servicing Magnaflux equipment through a global network of trained sales and service centres.
  • Develop techniques and train for your inspection processes on Magnaflux equipment that is available globally.

Product Properties

NDT TypeMagnetic Particle Testing

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