Demagnetisation Units

Remove residual magnetism after magnetic particle inspection

Magnaflux demagnetisation units remove any residual magnetism remaining after conducting Magnetic Particle Inspection. Demagnetisation of ferromagnetic parts and materials often requires a requisite to final finishing or to ready an item for its ultimate use. Industrial demagnetising is not an easy task, unless an effective demagnetising system is used. It is especially difficult when the magnetic field must be reduced to a very low level. Compact in sise and ruggedly built, Magnaflux demagnetising equipment offers a fast and efficient method for demagnetising a broad variety of part types and sizes.

ETT Series

The demagnetisation tunnels of the ETT series are designed for tabletop use. The spool current is activated by an ON/OFF switch. The ETT series conforms to IEC Protection Class II (double insulated).

ETW Series

For the demagnetisation of larger and heavier workpieces, we recommend the use of an ETW demagnetisation unit with trolley. The workpieces for demagnetisation are placed onto the trolley on the shorter outrigger side, and manually pushed through the tunnel towards the longer side.

Ordering Information

ETT 150101155

ETT 350101355

ETT 550101555

ETW 350102355

ETW 550102555

Product Properties

NDT TypeFluorescent Magnetic Particle Testing, Visible Magnetic Particle Testing


Ideal ApplicationDemagnetising parts

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