3 Reasons to Try the Y-2 Yoke [Video]


Explaining mag particle scenarios in the field, and how they can be changed depending on the yoke selection

Yokes are some of our favorite NDT tools due to their versatility. A well-designed yoke gives you the freedom to work under any condition, for any length of time, without interruption. However, most yokes in the market today do not check all these boxes. There is one yoke, however that does – the Magnaflux Y-2 Yoke. Here are the top 3 reasons you should try one. 


1. No more interruptions 

Imagine this – you are almost at the end of a long day of work in the Texas heat when you feel a familiar sensation – the cord of your yoke just pulled out! Frustrated, you walk over to your truck for a replacement yoke and find that ALL the cords are either damaged or pulled out. There is no way to finish the job without getting your yoke serviced. Thankfully, that will never happen with a Y-2 Yoke. 

The Y-2 Yoke has a heavy-duty cord that is incredibly resistant to detachment. However, in the rare case that it still suffers damage – the Y-2 Yoke cord comes with a quick-detach that allows you to replace the cable in under 30 seconds. Done, no more interruptions. 


2. No more electrical shocks 

Have you ever received an electrical shock from a yoke while working in a wet environment? A surprising number of inspectors have. The Magnaflux team could not let that happen any longer, so the team designed an IP-67 rated switch in this yoke to prevent this safety hazard. 

Did we mention that this switch is also field replaceable? All you need is a screwdriver and about 5 minutes. Seriously, no more interruptions! 


3. No more heavy lifting 

Lifting heavy may be what we want at the gym, but it’s not so nice at work. Not only are most yokes unnecessarily heavy – they are also strangely bulky. Using these yokes all day can lead to physical strain and long-term complications. The Y-2 Yoke eliminates all of this with a lightweight, ergonomic design that perfectly fits in your hand! 

Still not convinced? How about one last reason – no more risk. Contact us now, and we can get you a Y-2 Yoke to try out. You’ll love it as much as we after you give it a try.

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