Changes to our Chemical Safety Information – January 2017


January 2017

Magnaflux EMEAR has made the following small changes to its chemical safety information:

Introduction of a 24/7 emergency contact number

As part of a larger project that will link up with the provision of information to EU poison centres, Magnaflux EMEAR has made the decision to implement the use of an emergency contact number for its chemical consumable products. This number will be found within Section 1.4 of our Safety Data Sheets (SDSs)

It is important to note that:

  • This number is for emergency calls only. If you require any information that is NOT emergency health and safety advice, please contact either your Magnaflux EMEAR distributor or one of the Magnaflux EMEAR offices.
  • Using this number, you will be able to speak with a person in your own language.


Small change to the chemical classification of ZYGLO® ZL-67B

As part of our process of continuous improvement, Magnaflux EMEAR has made a minor amendment to the formulation for ZYGLO ZL-67B to lower its overall chemical classification. This has enabled us to remove the Health Hazard pictogram along with the Aspiration Toxicity classification. This change is being implemented with all ZL-67B product manufactured from January 2017 and will be shown on both the Safety Data Sheet and product label.

This change does not affect the performance of ZL-67B nor its approvals as a Level 3 water-washable fluorescent penetrant.


Change to the biocide used in our water-based magnetic ink products

Magnaflux EMEAR uses a low level of biocide within the following water-based products, to prevent biological infestation and growth.

Product Description
MAGNAFLUX® WA-1 Water conditioner for Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)
MAGNAGLO® WB-12 Water-based fluorescent MPI concentrate
MAGNAGLO® WB-655 Water-based fluorescent MPI concentrate
MAGNAVIS® WB-27 Water-based black MPI concentrate
TIEDE® MF-655 WB Water-based fluorescent MPI concentrate


Previously, the incorporated biocide was termed as a ‘formaldehyde release’ product. With such products, the biocidal action was brought about by the slow release of formaldehyde. This level of release was very low and did not represent any hazard to a user of products containing these biocides.

From January 2017, the use of such biocides has been reclassified, so we took the decision to utilise a biocide with a lower classification. This new biocide contains very low concentrations of sensitisers which can cause allergic reactions in people that are sensitised to this product. We advise that a chemical risk assessment is carried out to determine the best course of action for any affected people. At the very least, we recommend the use of appropriate personal protective equipment to avoid contact between these users and the product.

Magnaflux EMEAR has updated the Safety Data Sheets, product labels and German Water Hazard Class for all affected products, based on the latest health and safety information supplied by our suppliers.

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