Case Study – Use of SPOTCHECK SKD-S2 for 3D scanning


April 2016


Our customer is a distributor of 3D scanners based in Finland. Two years ago, they approached Magnaflux EMEAR, looking for a matt white spray coating to aid 3D scanning. Shiny or dark objects do not scan well; a matt white finish scans much better.



In the past, our customer had purchased coatings and whitening sprays from a different company. However, it was no longer possible for them to source these in Finland.

Because of this, they needed an alternative product that exhibited the following characteristics:

  • Easy method of application (aerosol)
  • Even matt coating
  • Fast drying
  • Easy to remove



SPOTCHECK® SKD-S2 is a fast-drying, solvent-based developer that is used for enhancing indications that are seen during dye penetrant inspection. The product works by leaving a thin matt white film of inorganic pigments on the component being inspected. This then draws the penetrant back out of any surface-breaking defects and spreads it out on the surface so that it can be easily seen by an inspector. After inspection, SKD-S2 can be easily removed by wiping with a cloth or by washing with water and detergent.

Magnaflux EMEAR was aware of other companies that had successfully used SKD-S2 as a matting spray, particularly in relation to 3D photography and imaging, and suggested this as a potential alternative.



Our customer obtained an aerosol can of SKD-S2 from one of our distributors in Finland for trial purposes. The results obtained were excellent.

As a result, they now supply SKD-S2 as an accessory item to their client base within Finland, as an agent to assist with scanning. Without the SKD-S2, the quality of the scanned images is poor.

To see more pictures of our customer’s 3D scanning work, visit their Pinterest page.

To watch a video of SPOTCHECK SKD-S2 in action, click here for YouTube.


“I have been very happy with using SKD-S2 with my 3D scannings. This is best product of this type that I have used. The feedback from my clients who are using the SKD-S2 is also very positive.”

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