UV Protective Spectacles

Protect your eyes from UV lighting

Designed to eliminate long wave UV(A), our protective spectacles will protect your eyes during long periods of testing under ultraviolet (UV) lighting. They also help to reduce eye fatigue and provide an optimum contrast in viewing without compromising colour perception.


  • 9-base polycarbonate abrasion-resistant lenses give a 180° field of distortion-free
  • vision.
  • Anti-fog coating minimises lens fogging in extreme conditions.
  • Can withstand low-energy impact (45m/s).
  • Clear lenses and frame.
  • Soft padded inserts with extra flex built in.
  • Soft nosepiece for added comfort and a non-slip fit.
  • Slim profile with fashionable styling.

Ordering Information

UV Protective Spectacles017G001

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