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For connection to high current cables

For connection to high current cables.

Magnaflux Product Description Part Number
Magnet Electrode Type DIX PM 70 with lug connector, for connection to high current cables. Suitable for powerpacks with a test current up to 6,000 A. 129102
Melt-off Electrodes To be fixed at handles and connected to prod sets.

129110 - Type A (up to 1500 A)
129111 - Type B (1500 - 3100 A)
129112 - Type C (3100 - 8000 A)

Handles Handles for installation of the melt-off electrodes: consisting of one handle with control cable and one handle without control cable. 056200

Product Properties

NDT TypeFluorescent Magnetic Particle Testing, Visible Magnetic Particle Testing

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