Mobile Power Packs

The MAG 50 HM mobile power packs offer a convenient solution to in-field testing. Designed to be taken to the component for inspection, the MAG 50 HM series is ideal for performing magnetic particle inspection of in-field parts or large heavy parts that require only moderate power.

These power packs have a constant current system that eliminates the guesswork of controlling current by means of conventional tap switches or variable transformers. The precise amount of desired current is delivered to the output circuit when the magnetising shot is initiated. The self-regulating current circuitry and solid state controls automatically compensate for variation in load impedance, such as heating or varying cable lengths. As a result, every current control setting delivers the exact amount of current indicated up to the maximum output for a particular load.


  • Three models: 3,000 amp, 5,000 Amp and 6,000 Amp AC/HWDC
  • Automatic constant current regulation
  • Infinitely variable output
  • True RMS and MAG-Amps calibrated analogue ammeter
  • Only requires proprietary test equipment for calibrations
  • Overheat protection
  • Enhanced operator safety with 55 Volts to earth
  • Leakage protection (RCD) on operator controls and auxiliary socket
  • Switch-selectable AC/HWDC output unit and remote current adjustment
  • Fast electronically-controlled current decay demagnetisation
  • Fused isolator
  • Switchable peak reading option available

Ordering Information

MAG 50/3HM (3,000 amp)007E218

MAG 50/5HM (5,000 Amp)007E219

MAG 50/6HM (6,000 Amp)007E244

Product Properties

NDT TypeFluorescent Magnetic Particle Testing, Visible Magnetic Particle Testing


Ideal ApplicationInspection of in-field parts or large heavy parts that require only moderate power


StandardsAll units carry the CE mark and conform to the appropriate EU directives.

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